Sabtu, 15 Agustus 2009

Patch Warcraft III v.1.24b

Akhirnya Blizzard Meluncurkan Patch Warcraft Terbaru 1.24b. Map ini Di lengkapi dengan sistem keamanan yang lebih baik dari patch sebelumnya dan juga Blizzard telah memperbaiki Custom Map Virus Exploit pada Patch ini. Untuk Sementara teman2 hanya bisa menggunakan map 6.61c dan 6.59d untuk patch ini. Bagi yang pengen Download bisa klik dibawah ini ::

Berikut ini adalah Changelog untuk Patch 1.24b

Patch 1.24


- Added new JASS hash table functions to replace the lost functionality from
fixing unsafe type casting.
- Hash Table - Save Item Handle
- Hash Table - Save Unit Handle
- ...
- Hash Table - Load Item Handle
- Hash Table - Load Unit Handle
- ...
- Hash Table - Get Handle ID


- Fixed an exploit related to unsafe type casting that allowed users to
execute arbitrary code in maps.
- Fixed the JASS unsafe type casting exploit ("return bug").
- Fixed several World Editor crashes.

• “Shadowing” global variables with local variables no longer is possible.
Fixed a type conversion dealing with operators (i.e. adding a handle with an integer)
• Added the ability to store hashtable handles in a hashtable
• Added getSpellTargetX and getSpellTargetY natives
• Added a new base handle type “Agent” of which many types now extend from.
• Added a SaveAgentHandle native which can be used for saving most handle types
• Added a JASS optimization dealing with global variable change events.
• Increased max map file size from 4MB to 8MB.

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